handyman-arlington-heights Garland Handyman Service Palatine Affordable Local Handyman Service We are the go-to handyman in the Palatine region because we are dependable. Plumbing, electricity, remodeling, and a variety of other services are all available from us.
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Plumbing Services

We can handle faucet installation or replacement, garbage disposal, toilet installation, and all necessary plumbing things that need to be done. That’s work for our handyman plumber Palatine.


Electrical Services

Our handyman electricians can handle anything from outlet installation, GFI repair to rewiring. You can always rely on us because we have years of experience serving electrical works Palatine.


Handyman Service

Hire our local handyman Palatine for all your home projects to get the job done right and as you wish. We will take care of all of your electrical problems and any plumbing issues.
Handyman Experts

Our handyman team is your one-stop for all things home improvement. We're licensed, insured, and bonded electricians and plumber specialists.

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Contact us for a free estimate based on your needs. To request your free quote on your project, call Handyman Service Palatine today!

1000+ jobs done

If you need repair or improvement for your property, we are here to help. With over a thousand projects done, we can handle anything.


Reliable Handyman Palatine Estates - That Will Take Care Of Your Property

Do you need a dependable handyman to handle toilet replacement, repairs, or improvement projects at your home? Handyman Palatine is the company you can rely on to complete the work correctly. We have a qualified, skilled, and well-equipped handyman Palatine in your neighborhood who can do a wide variety of tasks around your home or property.

Each time you use Handyman Service Palatine, you’ll have a fantastic customer service experience! Make a phone call to us right away!

Guaranteed Comfort Is Offered

No matter if you require a handyman electrician in Palatine or a handyman plumber Palatine, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients. Since we appreciate your time and happiness, we will do everything in our power to be on time, efficient, and flexible as needed. Our local handyman service never fails to deliver on its promises to clients. You can rely on us.

Dedicated & Proficient

Every project could benefit from the addition of experienced labor and meticulous attention to detail. You’ll get a handyman Palatine with a wide range of talents and experience when you deal with us. You won't have to worry about your project being handled by someone who isn't updated on the latest technology. Our local handyman can handle everything from apartment buildings to single-family houses and everything in between. In addition to electrical, plumbing, renovation, and carpentry tasks, we are multi-skilled.

Benefits Of Local Handyman Service

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    Provider is Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

    Handyman Service in Palatine is the company you can rely on to complete the job correctly in terms of local handyman Palatine services. With experience and efficiency, our local handyman will complete the chores at hand, ensuring that the project is completed correctly and safely the first time, saving you money and time. We have a skilled handyman that is reliable and who delivers excellent service at competitive prices.

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    All The Right Tools Are Available, Which Means Less Stress For Everyone

    Most homeowners are unaware that the services of local handyman Palatine service entail work by these jack-of-all-trades teams. If you're doing the same job twice, making additional trips to the hardware store and purchasing specific tools is expensive and wasteful. Hiring a competent local handyman with all of the necessary tools is a far better choice.

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    Punctual Arrival

    A busy schedule is understood by Handyman Service in Palatine. He will save your time by skillfully conducting your repairs and renovations. We are punctual, productive, and adaptable to work with and for you.

Professional Local Handyman Plumber Palatine

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to plan where you want your cabinets, your appliances and kitchen equipment positioned within the layout. A garbage disposal installation is essential in all family homes. We will provide a professional, handyman plumber to efficiently perform the garbage disposal installation quickly and safely. Our handyman will be experienced and highly trained, with the correct tools needed, so dealing with hydraulic appliances is no problem. If you already possess a garbage disposal, due to the frequent use, at some point garbage disposal replacement will be a necessity. Our handyman plumber can also carry out garbage disposal replacement professionally, safely and with as little disruption to your family routines as possible. Contact us today to learn about our quality handyman services, some examples are: handyman electricians, carpenter services and general around the house jobs. Whatever you need your local handyman is there for you.

Appliance Replacement & Appliance Installation Palatine

Part of our well known, professional handyman services Palatine includes appliance replacement and appliance installation services. Whatever appliance you have to replace or install we are the company to call. Our experienced professionals are trained and skilled to install all household appliances, no matter what size, type, or brand. Including dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators, microwaves to name a few. We don’t just install your appliance, we make sure everything is as it should be. Initially, we check that there is no physical damage when the appliance is unboxed, we then professionally and safely perform installation. Following this we will check the function of your appliance to make sure it is in full working order. Finally, if you want us to, we will remove all the packaging and the old appliance and take It away for recycling, leaving your home clean and tidy.


The TVs today are designed to be shown off and displayed using a TV wall mount. TV mounting can be a difficult task for a DIYer, and you may end up damaging your TV or your wall. In addition to mounting the TV on the wall, you also need to make sure the TV is completely level, secure in the mount and manage to hide the wiring so it’s not visible. At Garland Properties Inc, we provide handyman services Palatine that can perform TV mounting Palatine service, no matter the size or model of TV.

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Work Description: Switches/Outlets/Fixtures - Install
Comments: Professional and knowledgable.


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Work Description: Switches/Outlets/Fixtures - Install
Comments: good job